Rosetta Stone Library Edition – New Platform

Rosetta Stone has now been upgraded to a new platform and offers many new and improved features, including:

  • Flash-free web experience for most languages (Indonesian, Swahili, Pashto, Urdu, and Dari still require flash for the time being)
  • Updated, modern interface
  • Clear progress information directly in the menu
  • Improved speech recognition
  • Easier setup and browser support
  • Mobile offline mode
  • Audio Companion feature. Have an hour-long commute? Download the accompanying audio files and listen to them in your car or on the go!
  • "My Achievement" tokens (learner rewards)
  • New "Phrasebook" feature. Phrasebook provides common phrases pronounced by a native speaker and allows you to practice saying them yourself.
  • New "Seek & Speak" mobile application feature for iOS mobile app. Use your camera to turn everyday objects into language practice.

Stretch all of your language-learning muscles and utilize your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills! The Rosetta Stone Library Solution teaches through context clues rather than grammar and translation. Learn new material in core lessons, do activities to reinforce what you've learned, and wrap up units by chatting in a simulated conversation. Speech recognition gives you interactive feedback, plus your progress will sync across all of your devices!