Research Is Fun With Online Encyclopedias!

In my salad days I used to spend time randomly searching through my family's print encyclopedias. Part of it was to earn extra credit at school, but most of it was to pass the time learning things I didn't know. 

Today's kids (including a much older me!) are so much more fortunate to have at their fingertips online access to Britannica School Edition and World Book. All you need is an Internet connection and your SCCLD library card and you're good to go for hours of learning and fun. Be sure to enter the portals designed specifically with kids in mind.

You can play the tutorial for each of these resources to glimpse what's available through the Brittanica and World Book online databases, but the best way to learn about them is to dive right in and explore. There are articles, activities, games, links to further articles...I dare you not to get lost in the seemingly endless possibilities for discovery! You can even choose to read many of the articles in another language (such as Spanish or French).

Once you tire of reading, you can find activities related to the subjects you're studying or go to a crafts room like the one pictured below within the World Book site and find fun things to keep you busy for hours. Learning has never been so accessible or fun!