Relieving Stress Through Artwork

In a normal year, adulthood gives us plenty of things we can worry about. Then came 2020, the year in which everyone's anxiety levels got cranked up to eleven and beyond. What's worse is that all the things we would normally do to make ourselves feel better like getting together with friends and family, taking a vacation, going to a movie, a sports event or a concert, or just out to lunch or dinner have become part of the problem, too. 

One thing I find helpful when I'm anxious is drawing. In fact, I've been an incurable doodler all my life. When my hands are busy and my mind is engaged in telling them what to do, I feel my worries subside. If I'd had the opportunity to loll on a beach in Hawaii this year, I'd probably be doodling there, too. Meditative artwork won't solve long term problems, but why not give it a try as a short-term stress-buster? Check out this list of suggested titles to get started.

Zentangles and Other Art Forms For Stress Relief


Drawing is a great way to occupy both your mind and hands for relaxation and stress- busting. Got a few minutes? Give it a try.

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