Printable Mini-Books and More for Teachers and Parents

Teachers and parents of young learners ages 4-11 now have access to a vast collection of educational resources in Scholastic Teachables! These printables include coloring pages, crossword puzzles, vocabulary and skills sheets, crafts and games, clip art, lesson plans and more for school subjects and learning skills.

One of the many useful resources are mini-books: short print-and-fold coloring books with the option to include pictures, words, or both. Print out a mini-book with just words so students can create their own illustrations, or print with just pictures so students can write their own stories!

Mini-books encourage reading, writing, and creativity in a variety of grade levels and cover a wide variety of topics and school subjects. They can compliment practically any lesson plan or learning objective, and also work great as fun stand-alone activities!

Scholastic Teachables print-ready resources are organized by grade, learning subject, and theme, as well as curated into collections for easy browsing. The resources are complimentary to classroom and homeschool learning, as well as homework activities. Worksheets include Common Core standards so educators can easily plan lessons and help students excel. Boost enthusiasm for learning core concepts, skills, and subjects with interactive and creative activities, free with your library card and PIN!