Play to Learn at the Library

Blocks are fun, but BIG Blocks are even better.

Play is learning in all kinds of ways. This spring SCCLD libraries invite kids and their families to come in and play with our new Big Blue Blocks. The blocks will be rotating throughout all of our libraries all spring and summer.

These blocks – actually bricks, rods and cylinders that have special chutes and channels to make them extraordinary – are made out of waterproof and yuck resistant foam inspire children to design their own inventions, situations and stories.

Children develop physical fine and gross motor skills, engage in social situations, use their imaginations and practice problem solving…all while having a good time.

Want to share some good stories about playing?  Yep, we have those too! Check out a few from this list:

Play @ SCCLD Kids

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A love of reading and books is important when children begin to learn how to read. Learning to read is not an easy task – so children need as much motivation as they can get. Help them stay motivated by reading books that encourage participation.

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And come play with the Big Blue Blocks next time you visit the library.