New Princeton Review Series to Support Your Child’s Learning for 1st-6th Grades

Do you wonder what are the core skills for your child’s grade?  Would you like a book to help you support your child’s learning?  SCCLD has purchased a new series of books by Princeton Review starting with 1st Grade at Home-Reading and Math Skills:  A Parent’s Guide.  There is a separate book for 1st through 6th grades. 

What are positive highlights of this series? 

  • Each book focuses on 12-16 core skills in reading and math. 
  • The target skill is clearly stated at the beginning of the lesson.  Definitions and examples are given. 
  • Tips, advice, insight, and clue are provided for parents. 
  • The reading passages are short with interesting topics that children may enjoy. 
  • Children can answer questions independently.   
  • Help your child avoid common pitfalls or mistakes by reading “Watch Out!” tips.   
  • Highlighted sidebars give developmental information for the age group to assist parents to know what reasonable expectations are. 
  • Parents are encouraged to consider what the child already knows, what the child may want to learn, and what gains the child made after completing the lesson. 
  • Illustrations, especially in the math lessons, are helpful for the visual learner. 
  • Fun, education activities/games are given for the child to do with others using common household items. 
  • Additional challenges are given to further enhance the child’s learning. 
  • The books are well formatted and varied for easier reading. 
  • Parents could review their child’s prior grade book to see if there are any gaps in core skills.  Those lessons could be reviewed with their child. 
  • If a child is ahead of his/her grade level, the parent could review the next grade’s book for some challenging lessons. 

Click on the following titles to see the availability of the book and place holds to have the books delivered to your local library. 

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