May Book of the Month: The Last True Poets of the Sea

The Last True Poets of the Sea

391 pages, Grades 9+

Violet spent way too much time in New York City partying with the wrong sort of people. While she was out living it up, her brother’s mental health spiraled out of control, and he attempted to take his own life. Her reaction to her brother’s mental health issues was to hit on a much older man in the hospital while her brother rested. Violet knows it’s time to get some space.

Although her family ancestors founded the small oceanside town of Lyric, Maine, she feels like a complete outsider. She arrives at the beginning of summer, and decides to spend her time acting as if she doesn’t exist. However, a part-time job at the local aquarium, her new friends Orion and Liv, and a fascination with her own family history, gives her reasons to start healing and come out of her shell once more. This poetic, realistic fiction depicts a girl who is putting the pieces of herself together, without denying the rockier parts of her past that make her who she is. This story tackles family dynamics, sibling relationships, and finding love in unexpected places. The words of this story will resonate deeply with readers as they navigate the rough literal and figurative waters Violet comes to face.

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