March Book of the Month: Pet


204 Pages, Grades 8-12

There are no monsters anymore or so the children of the city of Lucille are taught. 

Before the children were born, the angels made all the hard decisions to eliminate those who hurt or bullied or were prejudiced against others-the monsters. 

Jam is a teenager living in Lucille. One day she comes home to see her mother has painted a picture of a creature that is all feathers, horns and claws. Jam is fascinated by the picture and keeps staring at it. While viewing the painting in her mother’s workshop, Jam accidentally cuts her hand and some blood gets on the canvas of the painting.  

The creature in the painting begins to move and pulls itself free from the canvas. It calls itself Pet and tells Jam that it is here to hunt a monster living in the neighborhood.  Pet tells Jam that the monster is living in the home of Jam's best friend.

Everyone thinks the monsters are gone and no one will help her. 

How do you save the world from monsters if no one will admit they exist? 

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