Making Slime with Kids

Slime continues to be all the rage judging by the amount of YouTube tutorials and slime recipes found all over the Internet.  It’s no wonder that slime is so popular when one thinks about the benefits that come with slime.  It's a wonderful activity to do with a child and a great way to make an instant connection with them.  Slime provides an amazing tactile sensory experience and for many children can be a relaxing, calming activity.  In addition, slime keeps a child’s hands busy allowing them to focus and relieve stress as well as providing a brain break from homework.  Making slime together is also a great opportunity to talk about the science behind slime, its unique chemical composition and why slime is considered a non-Newtonian fluid. 

With all the great benefits that slime has to offer, why not try making some with your child, especially with Halloween just right around the corner.  Mix a few drops of food coloring in your slime recipe, stir in a few plastic bugs and voilá!  Your child now has some spooky, Halloween slime to play with.   Check out these slime books for more fun slime recipes to concoct together.

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