Update on Macmillan eBook Embargo

On March 17, Macmillan Publishers canceled the embargo on sales of new titles to libraries, a policy that went into effect on November 1, 2019. SCCLD welcomes this change and we are excited that our library patrons will be able to once again access new eBooks from Macmillan and its publishing imprints without any restrictions or delays.

Access to information and the freedom to read is fundamental to America’s public libraries, and Santa Clara County Library District is no exception.

Recently, Macmillan Publishers imposed an eBook embargo on public libraries, which allows libraries to purchase only one copy of each new eBook and eAudiobook title for the first eight weeks after a book’s release.

What does this restriction mean for you as an SCCLD patron? You will not be able to access new and popular eBooks and eAudiobooks published by Macmillan, having to wait months to borrow a new eBook released by this publisher.

Like the rest of the library profession, SCCLD is strongly opposed to this decision on the part of one of the “Big Five” publishers. Macmillan’s new model for library eBook lending will make it difficult for our library to fulfill our central mission: ensuring access to information for all.

We do apologize for any inconvenience and delay you may experience in accessing some of our digital content from this publisher. Readers are invited to join us in urging Macmillan to reverse its new policy by joining the #eBooksForAll campaign. Visit https://ebooksforall.org/ for information on how to ensure access to information and content for readers in Santa Clara County Library District.