Love is a Storytime, No. 3

Who doesn't love a storytime about L-O-V-E? Don't be shy - stop on by and along the way, you can even enjoy a storytime, anytime with the Storytime Seedlings Podcast!  For a handy printable storytime resource, click here.

1. Listen to the L-O-V-E - Episode 3 - Storytime Seedlings 

2. Picture Books  

Elvis Presley's Love Me Tender

I Need A Hug

Big Hugs, Little Hugs

E-Book:  I Need A Hug

3. Love can be -  Fingerplays, songs and stories:

A Kiss

(A Rhyme to Kiss Your Baby)

A kiss when I wake in the morning,

A kiss when I go to bed,

A kiss when I burn my fingers,

A kiss when I bump my head.

A kiss when my bath begins,

A kiss when my bath is over,

My mamma is as full of kisses

As a field is full of clover.

Source: King County Library Tell Me a Story

4. Early Literacy Tip: Love Helps a Child Grow

"Scientific studies have shown that children develop bestwhen they have a strong, positive relationshipwith at nurturing adult."

--The Early Literacy Kit by Betsy Diamant and Saroj Ghoting

In Episode 3, the Early Literacy Tip we discussed was about LOVE - how important being loved by a caring adult is to a child's well being and ability to flourish as they grow.

Being loved,hugged and kissed, helps children to physically grow, but also to develop their thinking, comprehension and burgeoning intellect. When a child is loved he or she is truly free to be who they are fully capable of being.



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