Looking for a Good Children’s Book? Let Us Help You!

Are you looking for a new book to introduce to your child? We have the resources to help you out!

We have several lists online and printed at each library that will help you find the perfect book. Don't forget to visit your local library to get more recommendations!

Looking for books about


Princess! Fairy! Ballerina!

Even Firefighters Go to the Potty

There's Going to Be A Baby

Bullies Never Win

These are a few of the many booklists that can help you find the perfect book, no matter what your child's age. There are some booklists you can also review based on your child's grade:

Great books for every grade - Each graded list has annotations to help you find the perfect book.

Classics that are too good to miss - Find books that have been favored by children and families over time.