Looking at 1920 Census Through Ancestry Library after Completing Your 2020 Census!

After completing your 2020 census, see how your ancestor completed their 1920 census through access of SCCLD Ancestry Library!  

You can now access Ancestry Library at home.  Just click on the link and enter your library card and PIN.  The U.S. Census box is in the lower right corner.

(Update 12/30/2021: This resource will only accessible from inside the library starting 12/30/2021. When visiting the library, you can access this resource from a personal laptop that is connected to our WiFi network or you can access this resource from one of our library computers, including our laptops available from the laptop kiosk.)

Here is an example of a search. I knew my grandfather's name and city where he lived so I could enter that information in the search box.  What kind of information did I find on him from the 1920 census?  I found his age, birth year, birth place (state or country), address, marital status, occupation, parents' names and their birth places, and all the household members.  The information is in an easy to read format.  You can view the actual handwritten census report as well. 

What if you did not know a relative's name who lived in 1920?  First search in the 1940 census for the oldest relative you know.  Then, see the names of that person's parents.  Use that information to search in the 1930 census to gather additional names of relatives.

Ancestry Library also has information about the birth, death, marriage, and military records under "Quick Links".

Take advantage of having Ancestry Library available at home for free.  Usually, this database is only available in the library.