Listen to Love This March!

What better way to start off March than with love in your heart - and in your ears! All of the titles below are available as downloadable audiobooks, so you can start listening right now (probably from whatever device you're reading this blog post on!). Using the Libby app on your smartphone is an especially convenient way to access our digital content.

Great times to listen to listen to these downloadable love stories:

  • during your commute
  • on a walk
  • while waiting in line
  • before bed
  • while visiting the library!

We hope one of these love stories finds its way onto your "To Be Read" shelf and brightens your day this month!

Listen to Love

List created by MagicalLibraryCreature

Take these downloadable audiobooks (all with love stories!) with you wherever you go. All you need are headphones or a speaker, and nothing makes a commute go by faster than love.

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