Libby Push Notifications

Push notifications are now live within the Libby app, providing a new way to connect with and engage more readers. Users can choose which notifications they'd like to receive from the Libby menu under Manage Notifications, including:

  • When a hold becomes available
  • When a loan is about the expire
  • When a loan has expired
  • And more!

Other notes:

  • Notifications are device-specific, so users can set their notification preferences for each device they use Libby on.
  • After swiping a push notification, a user will be taken to their Reading Journey for that title, which displays any previous interactions and activity the user had with that book (notes, highlights, time read, etc.).
  • Users on devices that don’t support push notifications (or where they’re disabled) can opt to receive notifications via email or in the Libby menu.
  • Along with a new Manage Notifications section, the Libby menu has been refreshed and simplified.

Visit Libby Help for more information about notifications and other Libby features. As always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Happy Reading!