Learning From Home With SCCLD

Update 2/24/2021: Lynda.com is now LinkedIn Learning for Libraries. Enjoy the same great content.

If you, like me and so many others, are working from home, you are probably looking for ways to spend your working time as well as your leisure time. Our online learning resources can help you with both! 

Lynda.com is a great place to start. Learn job skills such as project management, web design, marketing, programming, and so much more. Need to freshen up your Excel skills? Want to explore different career paths such as music producer or content strategist? There are even classes on teaching online for all of the heroic teachers having to adjust to an online classroom.

Universal Class also has many useful classes for your professional development, as well as for your personal time. Lots of people are turning to baking in this stressful time - take a class on baking bread, or that perfect pie crust. Fill that spare time by learning to knit or paint. Kids making you tear your hair out? There are parenting classes to help! Almost anything you could think of to learn can be found on Universal Class, even dog grooming.

These are just two of our many online learning resources. Check out our online learning page for all of the great options. Now get learning, and take care, everybody!