Learn a New Language with Rosetta Stone

Do you dream of learning another language? Or perhaps your skills in your native tongue have grown rusty, and you want to brush up on such a useful talent. Well, dream no more! Your Santa Clara County Library Card gives you access to Rosetta Stone Library Edition, a fantastic language learning tool from one of the premier language learning software providers in the world.

The library edition offers language immersion courses in over 30 languages, including ESL lessons for those who want to improve their English. Online courses are available at different proficiency levels ranging from the beginners who know nothing to the lessons for those more advanced.  Lessons are designed to help build reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills using interactive voice comparison, illustrative images, quizzes, and challenges.

Students can choose to focus their lessons on specific language skills they want to develop, and they can switch their focus with a change in settings. Changing between learning different languages is as easy as selecting which language they want to learn when signing into their account. This easy to use, intuitive language learning software has won praise from users around the world.

The library edition of Rosetta Stone is available to you through your computer, on your mobile device, or even in the car! To get started, visit https://sccld.org/resource/rosetta-stone-library-edition/