Kids’ Games From World Book Online Through SCCLD’s Website

Are you looking for some new activities for your kids?  World Book Kids to the rescue! 

Do the following steps to access World Book Kids "Activities" and "Games".

     Click on this link, World Book  (one of the Santa Clara County Library District (SCCLD) online databases).

     Click on the World Book title.

     Enter your user name or library card number and PIN.

     Click on "Kids".

The menu at the bottom of the page offers several choices including "Activities" and "Games".

Some choices under "Activities" are:

     Logic Puzzles-You make the game and play!

     Crack the Code-Learn how to count like an Ancient Egyptian.

     Craft Room-Select a craft to do such as weave a paper mat.

     Treasure Hunt-Take on a challenge to find different items.

     Doodle and Design-Make a color puzzle and learn how television tricks our eyes.

Under "Games", explore:

     Puzzles-Drag pieces of a puzzle using your mouse.

     Multiple Choice-Some categories include "Who Am I?", "Creature Challenge", "It's Alive", and "Math Quest".

     Matching-Match the baby animal to its name, explore backyard bugs, or name the scientist.

     Sorting-Sort animals, participate in the mathathon, or discover what is in "All Systems Go!".

     Crossword-This category has crossword puzzles in math, geography, and explorers.  Get a hint if you need one!

This is just one of many online resources available 24/7 on the SCCLD website!  Explore the World Book Kids page with the whole family!