January Book of the Month – The Inheritance Games

The Inheritance Games

Avery Grambs has been solving puzzles and mindbenders since she was a child. Now in her teens, she looks forward to finishing high school and creating an independent life of her own. Living in a cramped home with her half-sister, Avery’s luck changes when she is summoned to Texas for the reading of an eccentric billionaire’s final will and testament. Avery is reluctant to venture to the Lone Star state because she never heard of the billionaire and didn’t know they were even related. To Avery’s astonishment, and much to the chagrin of the patriarch’s immediate family, she is bequeathed the entire estate and fortune. There’s only one catch: in order for Avery to receive the entire estate, she’s required to move into the sprawling mansion and live with with the jealous family members who’ve recently been cut out of the will, each with their own motive to relieve Avery of her wealth.

Packed with outrageous riddles and puzzles, this book will have the reader playing along and guessing up until the very end. Will Avery inherit a life-changing fortune, or will she be ushered toward a dark demise at the hands of a jealous family?  Check out this riveting read to find out!

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