Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?

Does your child possess the following skills critical to a successful transition into kindergarten?

      • Social skills
      • Reading readiness
      • Fine motor skills
      • Focus and the ability to follow directions
      • Letter recognition
      • Number recognition and counting
      • Sounding out letters
      • Shapes and colors
      • Writing

Below are expert websites that offer kindergarten readiness checklists, skills-development activities, and creative/fun ideas to bolster your young child's development:                                                                                                                                                                                          

Santa Clara County First 5   A state sponsored agency that supports the healthy development of children, from prenatal through age 5, and enriches the lives of their families and communities. Their website includes such helpful resources as:

      • Kindergarten Readiness podcast (4 minutes)
      • Are You Ready kindergarten handbook (44 pages) 

 Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Kindergarten Guide   A foundation based in the Silicon Valley that partners with families, individuals and corporations to develop innovative philanthropic solutions to such challenging problems as housing, transportation, common core education, and immigration.    

 Center for Childhood Creativity   The research and advisory division of the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM) that is the missing link between academic research and adults’ work with children ages 0-10.

      • School Readiness Toolkit for Children Ages 0-8

Creativity Catapult   A research-backed, expert-curated collection of activities that promote creativity skills in children ages 2 - 14.                 

Kindergarten in California  California state law and information regarding admission to kindergarten.

U.S. Dept of Education Kindergarten Planning Suggestions for Parents