How Nutritious and Delicious is Storytime, No. 1

Who would know that Nutritious and Delicious could be a storytime? Well, with the Storytime Seedlings Podcast you can enjoy a tasty fun storytime, anytime!  For a handy printable storytime resource, click here.

1. Listen to the Podcast - Episode 1 - Nutritious and Delicious - Storytime Seedlings 

2. Picture Books Delicious and Nutritious to Read  

Baby Cakes

Every Color Soup

Who's Hungry?


3. Yummy Fingerplays, songs and stories:

Five Ripe Berries

Five ripe berries sitting in a bowl
 (hold up five fingers)

The (strawberry, etc.) fell out and started to roll
 (hold up finger, and roll hands)

It bumped the table and bounced off my toe
(clap once at “bumped” and again at “bounced”)

How many berries in the bowl? 1-2-3-4
(count berries)

Repeat rhyme until there are no more berries left in the bowl

Berries: strawberry, blueberry, boysenberry, raspberry


4. Early Literacy Tip:  Tailoring Picture Books to Your Child's Age or the Moment

Modify the sharing and reading of picture books to the age and attention span of your child.

In Episode 1, we talked about reading the same book to different ages of children. The book Baby Cakes by Theo Heras, for example, can be read to babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
      Babies will enjoy the big, colorful pictures of children and kitchen cooking, but only need a few pages (and a few words) read to them - try no more then five pages that will give a simple illustration of sequence of events, beginning, middle and end.
     Toddlers are ready for more words and more pages, try up to 10 pages of Baby Cakes, modifying the number of words is necessary if they are too wiggly.
    Preschoolers should be able to sit for the entire book, all of the words in Baby Cakes, but even they can be too tired, or grumpy or distracted to sit for the whole thing. It's okay to modify, make the reading a fun experience.
     Children love to be challenged, especially if it involves more time with and, attention from, the adults they love!  However, they will also let you know their limits!

      See you at Storytime! Lauren


I'm Lauren Teixeira, Children's Librarian and Podcaster.

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