Holiday Videos You Haven’t Seen

2020 looks likely to stay difficult right to its end, thanks to the Coronavirus and the new County-wide safety restrictions. The most important thing is to protect yourselves by staying home, but that takes a lot of our traditional holiday fun off the table. Which means your television and your computer are going to be a very important source of entertainment for you and your whole family this month.

Even if you eagerly look forward to all the classic Christmas TV shows and movies every December, it's still nice to take a break from Rudolph, the Grinch and even George Bailey and his wonderful life with a few new movies you haven't memorized, yet.  Why not get acquainted with the Santa Clara County Library  District's Streaming Movies and TV online resources?  Kanopy and Kanopy Kids are a great place to start. All you need to set up your free account are your library card and PIN.  One membership works for both.

I've created a Kanopy list of movies and some Holiday-related Kanopy streaming videos to get you started. The link is available below. You will need to set up an account or log into your existing Kanopy account in order to see the list.