Have a Camping Adventure at Your Own Home!

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally a camping weekend for some families.  Although you may not be able to go camping at your favorite spot, try camping at home in your living room or backyard!

Pitch a tent in your living room, or better yet, make a tent using chairs turned outward and a blanket or sheet.  Or, put a sheet over a table.  Add some pillows and blankets or a sleeping bag.  To be extra fancy, string up some white lights.  Create a river next to your tent with blue towels or paper.  Make it curve around a stone or two!
Make a pretend fire with a pool noodle and tissue paper!  Cut the pool noodle into 4 sections.  Cover each noodle with brown construction paper including the ends.  Place the 4 "logs" in a box.  Add yellow, red, and orange tissue paper for the fire.

What are some activities you can do?  Read a book using a flashlight.  Tell scary stories or ghost stories.  Play charades, cards, or board games.  Make popcorn, hot chocolate, or s'mores.

If you have a backyard, pitch a tent!  Add some chairs and lantern.  Make dinner on a grill, do star gazing, and have breakfast on the lawn with a checkered tablecloth!

Have a family fun adventure!

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