Happy Boxing Day!

December 26 is Boxing Day, which has traditionally been celebrated in countries that are or were part of the United Kingdom. According to The Oxford English Dictionary, its origin dates to Britain in the 1830s, in which Christmas boxes are offered to "postmen, errand boys, and servants of various kinds" as a type of tip or gratuity. 

Here are some wonderful picture books available at the library for you to get in the mood for Boxing Day. Each one of them is unique. At least a couple of them demonstrate that often it is not what's inside the box that thrills children the most, but rather the box that gifts come in. Two others tell true stories about how boxes saved the lives of the people who used them or received them.

Not A Box

Henry's Freedom Box

The Worry Box


The Night Box

Sitting in My Box

Big Box Little Box

Boxes for Katje