Happy and Healthy, No. 21

Be happy! Be healthy and have fun with Storytime Seedlings, episode No. 20 Happy Healthy! - for storytime anytime, anywhere you want, just click the podcast play button below!

For a handy print-out of happy and healthy songs, books and fingerplays, click here.

1. Picture Books to be happy and healthy about--

The Pigeon Needs A Bath!

Rah, Rah, Radishes!

Spunky Little Monkey

No More Naps!

Ebook:   No More Naps!

2. Healthy Habits Fingerplays

Hand Washing ABCs Song

(Singing this song takes 20 seconds, just the time you need to properly clean and wash your hands by scrubbing palms, tops of hands, between fingers, finger tips – as you sing it. Be sure to rinse! Along the way, we’ll learn the letters of the alphabet.)







Y and Z

Now my hands are nice and clean,
Next time won’t you clean with me?

Five Little Peas

Five little peas in a pea pod pressed (hold hand in a fist).

One grew, two grew, so did all the rest (slowly open your fingers).

They grew and grew and did not stop (raise your hand high),

Until one day the pod went POP! (clap hands)

Source: King County Library System, Tell Me a Story

3. Early Literacy Tip – Keeping healthy keeps us happy!

Teaching our children healthy habits is a life long learning skill. It’s about washing up, but also about getting good rest, eating nutritious foods (hooray for vegetables and fruit), and making sure that exercise is as much a part of their life as brushing their teeth! The books in this episode made healthy habits fun. Stories have a way of engaging as they are informing our children. Stories and songs make necessary routines into activities to look forward to and to enjoy. So, read and sing your children into happy, healthy living!

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