Graphic Nonfiction – Comics that are True

Max Axiom

Did you know that nonfiction has gone graphic? Graphic novels are not just novels - the term is used for both fiction and nonfiction in comic book form. So now you can study science and history that reads like a comic book!   According to, graphic novels are a great tool for improving literacy. Here are five facts:

  • Including graphics with texts helps students encode information more readily, improving their reading comprehension.
  • Vocabulary development among students with language and learning disabilities can be aided by the use of graphic novels.
  • Bringing youth culture, including graphic novels, into the classroom can motivate and engage youth.
  • Graphic novels used for pleasure reading help improve literacy among second language learners and reluctant readers.
  • Graphic novels can be used to improve "traditional" literacy, as well as be valued as its own form of reading, with its own benefits.

Make learning easier and more fun with these graphic nonfiction series:

Capstone's "First Graphics" series features two sets: "Body Systems" and "My Community." These graphic nonfiction series are for beginning readers, grades 1 through 3.

First Graphics - Body Systems

First Graphics - My Community

"Science Comics"by MacMillan teaches science topics ranging from bats to volcanoes for middle schoolers.

The "Olympians"series by George O'Connor is available in print or as downloadable ebooks. Middle schoolers can learn about their favorite Greek gods.

The "Graphic Dinosaurs"series by Rosen Publishing explores various types of dinosaurs in action.  Who could resist?

Graphic Universe presents the "History's Kid Heroes" series where children are the stars of the show. Having people their own age in these exciting stories makes them relatable for elementary school kids.

Graphic Library has several sub-series of graphic non-fiction focusing on science, history and biography. Their "Monster Science" series mixes paranormal creatures into factual science!

Delve into the disgusting past with the "Graphic Medieval History" series by Crabtree Publishing. Written by Gary Jeffrey, this series brings the ancient to life in an oh-so-modern way for middle school kids.