Get Inspired With Free Resources 

Did you know the library subscribes to several informational resources that also include fun, engaging activity ideas and crafts? Some of the activities require working together for those times when you want some quality family time and others can be done independently. Either way, they can let your child’s creativity break through and their curiosity expand, while also reinforcing educational and lifelong learning concepts like motor skills, geographical awareness, critical thinking, cooking skills, and visual/spatial intelligence. Take a look at some of these resources and see if anything intrigues you or sparks an idea for activity night. 

World Book for Kids

Includes lots of ideas for crafts in its craft room, writing how-tos, and logic puzzles.

Britannica School Edition for Elementary

Includes a geography explorer activity and under Fundamentals, a drawing board to let your child draw their own designs on blank or illustrated canvases.


Includes recipes from all over the world, from gosh-e-fil from Afghanistan to matoke from Zambia

Science Online 

Includes experiments ranging from elementary to advanced. Learn how to make a paper towel tube telescope, a simple electric motor and more.


A collection of over 1000 art and craft video how-to’s with over 100 kid-friendly projects. Get inspired to make galaxy slime, finger knit scarves, mouse masks and more.

You can find these resources and more under Online Library 24/7 A-Z Resources.