Fold Away the Stress, part 2!

Here are more origami e-books that you can check out from home. Learn to make new projects!

Animal Origami

by Joost Langeveld has twenty different animals to fold! This e-book may be checked out with your library card through Overdrive. See link below. 

To log into Overdrive, just click on the link above and enter your library card number and PIN after clicking on the gray "Sign in" button. Search Overdrive to find origami e-books that may not appear in the Catalog search. 

You can check out Easy Origami, a 96 minute video that shows you many different folds and techniques, before moving onto several projects, ranging from easier to harder. Find this on SCCLD's Overdrive e-books!

The above three books are a series of paper airplane books by Marie Buckingham. The first book at the "Beginning Level" has nine easy-to-fold airplane projects, along with facts about the science behind flight. The next book in the series is the "Novice Level," which has eight more projects, and more facts about flight. The next book in the series is harder, the "Advanced Level," which has another eight folding projects and facts. Get these on Overdrive! 

There are other e-book resources at SCCLD. Try the CloudLibrary collection here:

Then, click on the green "Login" button, and use your library card number and PIN to sign in, and "Accept" the terms and conditions before searching for e-books. 

Origami 101 by Benjamin Coleman is a comprehensive, 224 page volume that shows you how to make practice paper, and how to do many basic folds, as well as base folds. There are also many folding projects to explore. Check out this book in CloudLibrary, and get folding!