Feed Your Cultural Soul While Sheltering in Place

Right now, it’s vital that we all do our part and stay home as much as possible. Not only to protect ourselves but the most vulnerable people in our communities. Even dinner and a movie are off limits until we flatten this darned COVID-19 curve. If you’re used to Sunday matinees at the ballet, evenings at the symphony or the theater, and weekends at the museum, we do understand if sheltering in place is seriously cramping your style.

If you need to feed your culture-loving soul safely, we can help even while the libraries are closed. Grab your library card and PIN and get acquainted with Medici.tv Not only can you see videos of concerts, operas and ballets from around the world, there are  documentaries and master classes to watch. Want to introduce your child to classical music? Medici can help with that, too. Access is free of charge through us. Once your account is set up, Medici can give you a window into the performing arts you love.

We don’t pretend it’s the same as attending live performances. But you can’t go see a master class with Yo Yo Ma at 10:30 am in your sweat suit, either.