February Book of the Month – Love Is a Revolution

Love Is A Revolution

Grades 8 and up  

290 pages 

Nala Robertson knows exactly what she wants to do this summer: find a new hairstyle, spend time watching Netflix with her friends, and find love. One day, she reluctantly agrees to attend an open mic night with the group her cousin volunteers for, Inspire Harlem. It’s there she meets Tye Brown. He’s gorgeous and sweet, but unlike Nala, he’s a serious activist and vegetarian who constantly volunteers for his community. In order to impress him, Nala lies and says that she has a job at a retirement facility (when in reality she’s just hanging out at her Grandmother’s place) and is a vegetarian (when in reality she loves bacon). As time goes on, she struggles to keep up the illusion of her lies, all while trying to piece together what it really means to love herself and others.  

Although romance is a part of the story, “Love Is a Revolution” focuses equally on Nala’s relationships with her family, friends, and love interest. The book really shines as you watch Nala learn more about how to find her voice and secure her place in her community. Nala’s complicated relationship with her mother, the strong bond she has with her Grandmother, and the layered dynamic she has with her cousin, all add to the ways in which you see her grow throughout the book. The story also features interspersed lyrics from Nala’s favorite artist. These sections are full of words of inspiration and guidance that act as a compass for Nala. This joyful read features great role models and important messages of self-love, all set on the backdrop of a warm Harlem evening. 

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