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Alexander StreetDid you know that the Online Library offers several eMusic collections, available for free in your browser? Published by Alexander Press, these collections are a quick and easy way to find the type of music you like, already grouped by genre for easy browsing. That's right, it's not just Freegal that offers unlimited streaming music! Sign in with your library card to enjoy music 24/7.

Music Online collections include contemporary songs, classical music, songs and melodies of historical significance, and traditional music from international cultures. Discover thousands of songs, instrumental tracks, and more in a variety of musical genres and styles. Browse or search by song title, artist, album, or music genre.

If you've played all your own songs and soundtracks too many times and are ready to hear something new, Music Online collections are here for you!

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Tune in to the Music Online: Popular Music Library collection for all your favorite radio songs. Music genres include rock, reggae, rap, hip-hop, new age, alternative, folk, jazz, children's music, soundtracks, and many more. This music collection is the "one-stop shop" of pop, all available for free with your library card.


Classical music aficionados will enjoy the Music Online: Classical Music Library, which includes melodies and more all the way back to the Gregorian Chant. The Classical Music Library boasts a broad repertoire of vocal and choral music, chamber music, orchestral solo instrumental, and even opera. This collection is a perfect pair with the classical performance streaming service medici.tv.


Enjoy music from around the world: Look to the Contemporary World Music collection for popular international melodies and music genres, such as the sounds of Bollywood, flamenco, tango, and more. You'll find familiar music genres here, along with beats beyond what you usually hear on the radio.

More Music Online Collections

  • Music Online: American Music - Explore sounds and melodies of historical significance, including folk songs, protest songs, popular music movements of past decades, and more.
  • Music Online: Jazz Music Library - Stream all that jazz music! Listen to popular jazz songs and find your favorite albums, artists and ensembles.
  • Smithsonian Global Sound - Musical and aural traditions from around the world. Discover children's and folk songs, traditional instrumental music, work songs, poetry, sacred and religious music, and more.

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