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Enjoy FREE access to 100,000+ e-books and audiobooks available to download or stream! Go to the SCCLD eBooks & Audiobooks page and select from Overdrive, RB Digital, SimplyE, and Cloud Library. Also available are Comics Plus, Gale Virtual Reference Library, O'Reilly for Public Library eBooks, Skillsoft IT, and Oxford Reference eBooks. Hyread provides e-books and e-magazines in traditional Chinese, and Odilo provides e-books in Spanish. 

For help getting started, go to the eBook & eContent Guides page to choose the device you'll be using and to select the collection to explore. Each e-book and audiobook also has an "app" for use with mobile devices that can be installed from your app store. 

To access e-books and audiobooks, you will need an Internet connection and a valid Santa Clara County Library District eCard or Library Card and PIN.