Easy Indoor Games for Antsy Kids

Sockball Basketball   

Materials: socks, laundry basket or plastic bucket or box, painters tape (optional) 

How to Play: 

  • Roll up a minimum of three socks or three pairs of socks into balls
    (for easy retrieval, give each child a different set of colored sockballs)
  • Place a laundry basket in a child-proof, safe place 
  • Have the child(ren) back away from the basket to a challenging distance 
  • Have the kids take turns in trying to toss a sockball into the basket 
  • Move older kids further away from the basket 
  • Optional: use painters tape to create 1, 2, & "3-point" lines and have 
    each child attempt one shot behind each of the lines

Sockball Bocce

Materials: socks, stuffed animal or book or throw pillow, painters tape

How to Play: 

  • Roll up socks into balls (different colors will help kids easily identify their sockballs) 
  • Lay down a target - like a stuffed animal, book or throw pillow - in a child-proof, safe area
  • Tape a line on the floor at a challenging distance away from the target 
  • Take turns trying to toss a sockball as close to the target as possible
  • The person with the closest toss can have everyone else complete a fun challenge
    (like turning around and around for 20 seconds while singing a silly song or flapping their arms)


Obstacle Course 

Materials: sofa cushions, cardboard strips, color construction paper, pillows, blankets, towels, 
                 foam noodles, stable chairs, dog/cat beds, painters tape, shoe laces  

How to Play: 

  • As a family, create an obstacle course with whatever child-safe materials are available
  • For younger kids, keep the course simple and expand the course as their confidence grows
  • Have young kids imitate an animal (I.e. tiger) while navigating the course
  • Challenge older kids to negotiate the course while balancing a book on their heads 

Freeze Dance

Materials: any music-playing device, lively songs the family enjoys, and a safe area to dance  

How to Play: 

  • Everyone dances whenever music is playing 
  • Everyone must come to a complete stop whenever the music stops 
  • Anyone who is still moving when the music stops is “out” and must sit out for the rest of the song 
  • The last person dancing is the winner

Balloon Tennis 

Materials: balloon(s), painters tape or a long string or several old bath towels 

How to Play: 

  • Blow up a balloon 
  • Create a boundary line using painters tape, a long string, or several bath towels 
  • Line up kids and adults on either side of the line 
  • The balloon may only be struck once before it must cross over the line 
  • The balloon may not be carried or caught or blown
  • The player or team who cannot hit the balloon across the line before it lands on their side loses the point 
  • Optional: have the kids stay seated while playing
  • Optional: have younger kids count how many times they can bump 
    the balloon up into the air before it touches the ground   

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Materials: whatever is available throughout the house, timer or stopwatch

How to Play:

  • Choose a letter and give everyone 3 minutes to collect as many items they can find that start with the chosen letter
  • For younger kids, walk together throughout the room or house and collect items that start with the chosen letter
  • The entire family creates a story using as many collected items as possible

Bubble Stomp  

Materials: bubble wrap, safe area to play  

How to Play: 

  • Lay out bubble wrap and stomp, stomp, stomp until all the bubbles have burst 
  • Optional: if the bubble wraps are exhausted, have the kids try to flatten foam noodles with their feet