Discover New Frontiers with Smart Technologies, Augmented Reality, and More

Technologies are shaping and expanding our world, sometimes in the most unexpected ways. So many parts of our world are connected via wi-fi and Internet! Smart home technologies such as Amazon's Alexa connect you to various devices. Mobile apps include augmented reality for games and other services, adding virtual objects and experiences to real world environments. Social media platforms and telecommunication technologies connect people around the world, regardless of distance. Satellites in orbit provide accurate mapping and real-time traffic updates to assist travel and commute plans.

These technological advancements are such an integral part of our lives these days, it can be easy at times to forget just how far we've come in a few short decades. Discover the history behind these technologies with the books and ebooks in our catalog! Check out this list for suggested titles.

Immersive Experiences: New Frontiers with Technology

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Explore the history and technology behind virtual, augmented, and mixed reality experiences, smart technologies, and more, and how they are now shaping our everyday world.

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