Craft your way through May with Creativebug

Looks like we'll be sheltering in place through May, too. Feeling restless? Desperate, maybe? CreativeBug  to the rescue!  If you enjoy art, and making things with your hands but haven’t discovered this valuable e-resource yet, you owe yourself a visit. Video classes in sewing, knitting and crochet, drawing and painting and paper crafts and more are ready and waiting for you. Setting up your free CreativeBug account is easy—you just need your library card or ecard and your PIN.

 CreativeBug has a Daily Practice series of classes to help you establish a routine, but your enjoyment is the whole point. Learn a new skill or improve your skills at doing something you already love. Give yourself a task or a project to work on for the month of May. If you have bored children at home, get them involved in projects of their own. CreativeBug offers child-friendly classes, as well. I’ll bet it will make May go by more pleasantly for everyone.