Cooking For Your Inner Fan

There are lots of times I find myself distracted by food. When I smell it cooking, or see a picture of it, or just find myself thinking fondly of breakfast (and how delicious toast is). But never am I more taken with food than when I encounter it in the media I love, usually made to look incredibly delicious. Delicious In Dungeon even managed to make dungeon monsters look tasty (if you don't believe me, I highly recommend reading it for yourself)!

So the question is, do you find yourself...

1. Distracted in-between the witty repartee of the Downton Abbey dinner table?

Entails and marriage prospects are all very interesting, but is that a pudding? Luckily, there's a cookbook for that.

2. Sacrificing epic adventure for culinary know-how?

The intrigue of trying to outwit a vampire lord in Dungeons & Dragons and evade certain death is fun, but can you roll a perception check to see what's in this cream sauce?

3. Plotting digestible mayhem while trying to guess the plot?

Figuring out the "who" in a whodunnit is satisfying, but wouldn't it be even more satisfying to host a murder mystery dinner party with the help of this cookbook?

4. Turning show-stopping bakes into reality?

While caught up in the Google rabbit-hole of "where are they now?" questions spurred by the end of a season of The Great British Baking Show, your stomach rumbles - like Nadiya says, it's Time to Eat!

5. Eschewing angst-ridden declarations of love for a historically accurate idea of regency dining?

Yes, yes, the grounds of Pemberley are very impressive, but can we talk about the kitchens? And why is Mr. Darcy talking about marriage when he could be talking about dinner?

If you recognize yourself in any of these five fannish moments, it might be time to take your fannishness to the kitchen and get cooking with this booklist:

Cookbooks for Fans

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