Connect to the Issues of the Day: Opposing Viewpoints

Explore and connect to the great issues of our time from the comfort of your own home.  Not just for students, Opposing Viewpoints (Gale in Context) provides current information on hundreds of today’s hot button issues, allowing you to explore them from every angle, whether you want to learn more about income inequality or online dating

Search for your topic directly, or browse from the hundreds of entries in an extensive A-Z list.  Each topic’s page connects you to dueling articles from experts, along with, depending on the topic, news and magazine articles, video clips, audio clips, and more.  The entry on self-driving cars, for example, contains a topic overview alongside contrasting viewpoint articles, video clips, over 60 audio clips, and links to over 60 magazine articles and over 1,000 news articles.  This content can be downloaded for offline use or linked to your other online accounts.

For both the serious and the curious, Opposing Viewpoints has a little something for everyone!

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