Children’s E-Books about Wild Animals from SCCLD

Do your kids like reading about wild animals?  From the SCCLD website, you have access to thousands of e-books! We have compiled a list of e-book about wild animals for you to try!

Wild Animals E-Books@SCCLD KIDS


Explore books about wild animals online with e-books. For the National Geographic titles, click on the Cengage icon to the right of the book cover to read the book.

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Now, click on a title you are interested in.  You may have to "Request the Download" if the copies of the e-book are already in use.  Otherwise, click "Checkout Now" twice, "Download", click on the format your want, then "Read in Browser".  Use the arrow keys to see the next page.  Please click "Return" when you are finished so someone else can read the e-book.

If your child is looking for a specific topic to read as an e-book, go to the catalog at, search on a term such as "dinosaurs".  To narrow the results to just children's e-books, click "E-Books" under "Books" in the left column.  Go down to "Audience" in the left column and click "Children".

E-books can expand the number of books available to you!