Chicks and Eggs, No. 22

Greet the Spring with Eggs and Chicks, Episode No. 22 of the Storytime Seedlings Podcast - for storytime anytime, anywhere you want, just click the podcast play button below!

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1. Egg-cellent Picture Books to cheep and read:


The Quiet Boat Ride

Are You My Mother?   

(Note: These titles are available in ebook and hard copy format) 

2. Peeping, Cheeping Fingerplay Time:

Five Little Eggs

There are five little eggs
And what do we see
They’re about to crack open
“My goodness me,”
said Mother Hen.

The first egg cracks open
And what do we see
It’s a fuzzy, little duckling
Looking at me.

The second egg cracks open
And what do we see
It’s a little turkey gobbler
Looking at me.

The third egg cracks open
And what do we see
It’s a little fuzzy owl
Looking at me.

The fourth egg cracks open
And what do we see
It’s a pretty little bluebird
Looking at me.

The fifth egg cracks open
And what do we see
It’s a little yellow chicken
Looking at me.

“My baby!”
said the mother hen,
as happy as can be.

“Mommy!” said the chick.
“Did you meet my sisters and brothers?”
“What!” shrieked Mother Hen,
“My goodness me.”

Adapted from "10 Little Eggs"  Source, opens a new window

3. Pre-Literacy Tip - A Nature "Egg Hunt"

Anytime is a wonderful time to see the marvels of growing things all around us. As the world is our always-egg, transform any day into a “Nature-the-Egg” Hunt.

Take a walk with your child and have them look for not-so-hidden things - can you see a purple flower or pink one?

Look at the leaves on the trees how the shape will be different from a maple to a birch or a pine tree needle.

If you know the names of trees and plants tell them to your child. This is a mesquite tree, see how the leaves are like feathers and the trunk is bumpy? Then, when you spy another mesquite tree on your walk, ask, “I see a mesquite tree somewhere do you?  How many do you see one, two or three?”

Also point to birds and animals, a ground squirrel or a squirrel that lives in trees.  A plain sparrow or a robin with a red breast.

Watch the clouds come and go, change shape and color.

These are sweet moments to teach and bond with your child. Seeing the world in all its colors and difference will expand their awareness and discernment and support problem solving, creativity and critical thinking.  Along the way, I guarantee - you and your child will each become like just-hatched chicks, seeing the world as new.

I'm Lauren Teixeira, Children's Librarian and Podcaster.

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