Can You Create Action Figures from Foil? Be Inspired by Giacometti’s Sculptures

Alberto Giacometti (1910-1966) was a Swiss sculpture and painter.  He lived primarily in Paris as an adult.  From 1938-1944, Giacometti created small bronze sculpture about 2 inches tall.  Later, Giacometti's sculptures became larger and elongated.  Here are some examples of his work:
As his figures resembled metal stick figures, let's practice making some stick figure drawings, then use foil to reproduce the stick figures into action figures!
Let's start by folding a piece of paper in half-hot dog style.  Then, fold the paper into thirds.  Unfold so the paper is divided into six sections.  In each section, make a quick drawing of a stick figure doing different actions.  Here are some suggestions of actions your stick figure could be doing:
 -A regular stick figure
 -A running stick figure-think about how the elbows and knees bend when running
 -A stomping mad stick figure-maybe the arms are up in the air
 -A zombie stick figure
 -A stick figure doing yoga
 -A sad stick figure with his head pointing down
In just a couple of simple lines, your stick figures shows movement and action.
Now, take those 2D pictures and create some 3D action figures with foil!  Here is a sample of how you can take one piece of foil and divide it into different parts of the body.
Cut along the lines.  Scrunch up the foil sections to make your person.  Bend the foil to recreate some of the stick figures you drew.
You may want to use some pipe cleaners as a frame if you like.
To learn more about Giacometti and to see how to use other materials to make these sculptures, see the SCCLD Facebook posting for SCCLD Kids Art Club-Giacometti Foil Sculptures on June 2, 2020.  For additional information about Alberto Giacometti, do a search in our Explora for Elementary Schools database. 
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