Bunnies are Hopping to Storytime, No. 6

Hop, hop, hop over for a bunny good storytime, anytime with the Storytime Seedlings Podcast!  For a handy printable storytime resource, click here.

1. Listen to the Podcast - Episode 6 - Bunnies - Storytime Seedlings 


2. Picture Books All about Bunnies  

The Golden Egg Book

Everybunny Dance!


3. Bunnies that hop along in Fingerplays, songs and stories:

Here is a House for Bunny

Here is a nest for a robin, (cup both hands)
Here is a hive for a bee, (fists together)
Here is a hole for a bunny, (finger and thumb make a circle)
And here is a house for me! (fingertips together over head to make a roof)

4. Early Literacy Tip:  Importance of Gross Motor Movement

In this episode we talked about the importance of developing balancing skills through the use of gross motor movement in young children. Gross motor skills are the movement of the large muscles – arms, legs, feet, the whole body. When babies crawl, toddlers climb stairs, and preschoolers hop/jump they are developing their gross motor skills. Balance skills grow with a child’s gross motor skills. Here’s a game you can play with your child that helps with balance, gross motor skills, and can help to quiet them! Its called the Tippy Tiptoe game.

Stand with your child and show them how to tiptoe, then try this rhyme:

Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, here we go,

Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, to and fro.

Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, through the house,

Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, like a mouse.

Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, don't make noise,

Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, girls and boys.

Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, look at me,

Tippy, tippy, tiptoe, quiet as can be

      See you at Storytime! Lauren



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