Both Sides of the Story: POV Romance

When you read a romance novel you're reading about characters falling in love. You're also (hopefully) falling in love yourself, with the story and the people in it. Alternating Point-of-View romance lets you get to know each character that much better as the author switches points of view, showing you the story through each character's eyes.

Curious about Alternating POV? Check out the Young Adult titles below - maybe you've already read some of them, and maybe you'll find something new to try!

Eleanor & Park

POVs: Penny and Sam
The love story of two characters struggling to belong but who fit in perfectly with each other, this book will warm your heart. Dealing with serious issues like bullying and domestic abuse, it might just break it, too.

Emergency Contact

POVs: Penny and Sam
A medical emergency and subsequent adorable text messaging unites the two main characters of this college-aged romance. The central love story doesn't eclipse blossoming college friendships and mother/daughter dynamics.

Like No Other

POVs: Devorah and Jax
Two teens meet while trapped in an elevator and instantly connect - but this isn't going to be a simple romance. Their relationship is forbidden due to the traditions and expectations of their families, but like Romeo and Juliet they fall in love anyway. And unlike Shakespeare, their story just might have a happy ending.

What If It's Us

POVs: Arthur and Ben
It's fate that brings Arthur and Ben together in this own-voices story featuring a romantic summer in New York. Or is it fate that's tearing them apart? While these two high school boys struggle to determine if they've experienced a meet-cute or a missed opportunity, you will fall in love with both their narrative voices.

And for when there are more than two sides to the story...

This Song Is (not) for You

POVs: Romona, Sam, and Tom
What happens when two become three? When Ramona and Sam form a band with Tom, they don't expect to all fall in love. But that's exactly what happens in this rock-and-roll story of music, first love, and making it through your final year of high school.