Bike To Wherever this May

Friday May 21st is Bike to Wherever Day!  But you don’t have to wait until next Friday when today is a great day to get your bike out of the garage and take it on the road. Bicycling is fun, good exercise and an excellent way to reduce your own and your family’s carbon footprint. Transit options on buses and Caltrain can extend your bicycling range by miles. Bike commuting may not be practical for you, but bikes can be used around town for errands, visiting friends and family and just riding for fun.

If you’re a novice cyclist, here are some resources  to help you use your bicycle confidently and safely. Do something nice for yourself and something great for the planet this month and all summer long. 

Books On Bicycles: Some Nonfiction resources

Resources for novice cyclists. How to find, maintain and enjoy your bicycle.

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