Be A Cool Ghoul Online This Halloween

Unfortunately, Halloween 2020 looks like it will be a bummer for those of us whose favorite holiday is Halloween, since celebrating it in all our usual ways would be unsafe.

However, if you’re planning a Zoom Halloween Party or you’ve been invited to join one at the last minute, you can rock the Halloween aesthetic and have a howling good time anyway.

If you need some help with quick decoration and costume ideas, CreativeBug is a great resource for all of us who love crafts and making things with our hands. All you need to set up your free account is your library card and PIN. Once you're logged in, search for Halloween, and it will bring up ideas for costumes, make up and decorations. 

One nice thing about a Zoom Halloween Party is that everyone will be able to see and admire your makeup job in better detail. If you need more ideas than you found through CreativeBug, take a look at some Halloween makeup ideas available on Pinterest, too.

Happy Halloween and may you be someone’s favorite nightmare this year.