April is National Lawn and Garden Month


April is National Lawn and Garden Month. Spring has begun and it's time to get your landscape ready for outdoor living. However, with the extreme drought conditions Santa Clara County is dealing with, now is the time to swap your landscaping to drought tolerant plants. You may even consider getting rid of your lawn, especially with the mandatory 15% reduction in water usage. Here is an updated list of books to help and inspire you to create a water saving garden:

Dry Gardens

Hot Color, Dry Garden

The Colorful Dry Garden

The Bold Dry Garden

Planting the Dry Shade Garden

Hot Color in the Dry Garden


Planting Design for Dry Gardens

Gardening in Summer-dry Climates

The Dry Gardening Handbook

Xeriscape Plant Guide

The Drought-defying California Garden

Drought-resistant Planting

Pretty Tough Plants

Life After Lawns

The Water-saving Garden

Gardening With Less Water

Dryland Gardening

Low-water-use Plants

Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens