April Book of the Month

Dating Makes Perfect by Pintip Dunn

305p. Gr. 9+ 

Winnie’s twin sisters are midway through their first year of college and their mother wants to know why they aren’t engaged yet. Considering their parents strict rules of no dating in high school, the twins decide to teach their mom a lesson and declare that they will not be dating anytime soon since they haven’t had any practice and just aren’t interested.  Not to be outwitted by the twins, their mother decides that Winnie must start “practice dating” in high school so she will be prepared to find a husband when she gets to college. The girls are shocked and confused. Is this a luxury or a trap? What does practice dating even mean? To this traditional Thai mother it means Winnie will take part in a series of arranged dates, all based on her favorite rom-coms, with the son of a close family friend who also happens to be Winnie’s worst enemy.

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