April Book of the Month: Frankly in Love

Frankly in Love

406 pages, Grades 9+

"Can you truly, truly say you love someone who's always been held at arm's length?" 

High school senior Frank Li is a second generation Korean American. He is living in Southern California with Mom-n-Dad who tirelessly run a convenience store to provide a better life for Frank. All he has to do is ace the SAT, get into a good college and eventually marry a nice Korean girl.

His sister seemed to fulfill all of her parents' wishes by getting into Harvard Law School, but was disowned when she married her black boyfriend. 

Frank is doing his best to meet his parents' expectations, but when he falls in love with his white classmate Brit, he tries to find a way around his parents' rules. And comes up with the perfect plan: He will fake-date family friend Joy Song. 

What could possibly go wrong when juggling a real girlfriend and a fake one? And can you really love someone you are always holding at arm's length?