Anti-Racism: Recommended Reading

With the recent tragedies effecting our communities, we at the library know that building understanding, empathy, and community ties is now more important than ever. Now is the time for each of us to listen and learn about the history of racism in our country, how it effects all of us today, and what we can do as a collective moving forward. A great place to start is the list below, featuring titles that will inform, challenge, and expand your perspective. 

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Stay informed with some important Teen and Adult non-fiction titles regarding racism, and how it can be combatted in our society today.

143p. An account of James Meredith's 1966 Mississippi march to peacefully protest discriminatory practices in voter registration. Describes the early contributions of such leaders as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Stokely Carmichael to the establishment of the Black Power movement.

200p. The viewpoints in this resource ask important questions regarding the #BlackLivesMatter movement and race issues in the United States.

152p. Coates' letter to his son highlights the long history of brutality against black bodies in the United States, and reveals the hopes and fears of a black father for his child.

169p. In this in-depth exploration, DiAngelo explores how white fragility develops, how it protects racial inequality, and what we can do to engage more constructively.

225p. Real-life accounts of heroism, grit, betrayal, and bravery drive this book's narrative, spanning America's history from 1861 to 1915 and drawing parallels with today. Topics include the destruction of slavery, the Reconstruction Amendments, and African American resilience in times of racial unrest.

160p. Learn about social identities, the history of racism and resistance against it, and how you can use your anti-racist lens and voice to move the world toward equity and liberation.

305p. "The only way to undo racism is to consistently identify and describe it -- and then dismantle it." Ibram X. Kendi's concept of antiracism reenergizes and reshapes the conversation about racial justice in America

269p. Many of our political, social, and economic institutions are still embedded with racist policies and practices that devalue black lives. Stay Woke directly addresses these stark injustices, and builds on the lessons the Black Lives Matter movement has challenged its fellow citizens to learn.

248p. A current, constructive, and actionable exploration of today's racial landscape, offering straightforward clarity that readers of all races need to contribute to the dismantling of the racial divide.

112p. This book provides an overview of the problem as well as a starting point for young readers mitigating the effects of racial intolerance on their own lives, and will enable them to deal with the often overwhelming stress of being an ethnic minority, whatever their background.

294p. A history of racist and antiracist ideas in America, from their roots in Europe until today, adapted from the National Book Award winner Stamped from the Beginning.

238p. Me and White Supremacy teaches readers how to dismantle the privilege within themselves so that they can stop (often unconsciously) inflicting damage on people of color, and in turn, help other white people do better, too.

197p. Through a study of major figures, texts and political movements, he traces the history of antislavery abolition, black socialism, and the civil rights movement, leading all the way up to the contemporary Movement for Black Lives.

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