All Horror, All The Time

Whispers come from within the walls, an eerie voice tells a tale that shouldn't be true... searching for horror? You've found it.

Perhaps you've heard a strange noise from downstairs, or seen a flicker of something when you looked in the mirror, and now you're drawn to tales of the peculiar. Maybe you can't get that one campfire story out of your mind. Or maybe you laugh in the face of danger and keep your eyes open during the entire scary movie (you're braver than me, then!). No matter what draws you to horror, here are some recommendations to satisfy your thirst for a good scare!

If you're looking for something that's the opposite of relaxing to listen to but has phenomenal storytelling and voice acting, give The Magnus Archives by Rusty Quill a try. This is a fictional horror podcast to thrill a librarian's not-so-faint heart, as it takes places in the archives of The Magnus Institute, which is dedicated to researching occurrences of the... supernatural. Jonathan Sims, head archivist, reads witness statements aloud, and they are sure to give you the shivers. Perfect to listen to during a commute or while resting your eyes after screen time - though maybe not right before bed. Episodes are available to listen to for free here.

Now, if you're looking to escape the confines of quarantine with fictional ventures into the world of the uncanny, the scary, and the supernatural, here is a list of horror fiction curated by setting, so you can choose exactly where to get your chills. Longing for the atmospheric tension of a crumbling Gothic home? Or more modern scares in a haunted apartment? Or maybe you're looking to avoid humanity altogether and venture into the woods... either way, there is something on this list for you. Click here for our list of Where To Find The Things That Go Bump In The Night.

And if you're looking for a soundtrack to make even the most mundane tasks terrifying, try listening to this hour of Haunted Forest Sounds on YouTube (seriously, it made washing dishes absolutely terror-filled). 

Hopefully there is something here to delight and terrify you - if you have any favorite horror novels, we'd love to hear about them! Just take a picture of the cover and tag @losaltoslibrary on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!