Adventurous Summer Reads for 2020–The Year of the Staycation

2020 does not look like the summer you’ll take a safari in Kenya, walk along the Great Wall of China, take the train up to Machu Picchu or admire the Taj Mahal.  Nor does it look like you’ll be taking a long car trip across the United States, Canada or Mexico, either. Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon will have to wait. For safety’s sake, we’re all taking staycations this year even if we originally had other plans.  

          Disappointing? Absolutely.

 Summer Reading is still on this year, though. If you can’t satisfy your wanderlust on an adventure of your own, here’s a way to join someone else’s. This reading list is a diverse gathering of fiction and non-fiction titles about discovery, adventures, and travel, not necessarily in that order.

Enjoy an Armchair Adventure


Books with "Adventure" in the title for anyone needing something new to read and think about while Sheltering In Place.

Nicholas Meyer, author of _The 7 Percent Solution_, brings us a new Sherlock Holmes adventure with international intrigue. It begins in January 1905, when a British Secret Service agent's body is discovered floating in the Thames, having risked her life to smuggle a dangerous document into England. The document appears to be the minutes of a meeting of a sinister society intent on taking over the world. Holmes and Watson set off on a long journey across Europe by train and deep into the heart of Czarist Russia. All along the way, they are pursued by desperate men of unknown motivations, determined to prevent Holmes and Watson from carrying out their mission.

Meet Jim Rogers, dubbed as the Indiana Jones of finance by Time Magazine. _Adventure Capitalist_ is the story of his 3 year international car trip taken to learn about and better understand the world. He and Paige Parker, his fiancee and fellow traveler, saw the real world from the ground up—the only vantage point from which it can be truly understood—economically, politically, and socially.

How did English spread across the world? How did it change along the way, absorbing words and phrases from other languages, until it is the language it is right now? Enjoy this fascinating account that covers and is affected by centuries of world-changing events.

Eight short stories from the point of view of Indian protagonists, all about learning about other people, both strangers, and the people they know best, and becoming better people for the lessons learned.

Chef Marlena De Blasi, the author of "A Thousand Days in Venice" and her Venetian husband Fernando, experience the Tuscan and Umbrian Italian hills in the best way possible. They befriend Barlozzo, the local town chieftain who really knows his territory and shares it with them both.

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